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Kilfords Ltd :: Data / VoIP / CCTV Cabling for Home & Office
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Having worked in the IT sector since the mids 90's, we are very much at home in the office environment and in particular, server rooms and comms cabinets.

We understand the importance of connectivity and reliability whilst ensuring the end-user has as close to 0% downtime as possible.

We can liaise and communicate with your IT department to implement the solutions you require.


Installing data & network cables around your home & office. Anything with a network point, whether it's a single cable to a dead-spot in your house or child's bedroom for their games console (XBOX, PlayStation), to a commercial server room and patching into a rack for Desktops, VoIP telephones and Smart TV's.

As much as we have all become used to the convenience of wireless networking around the house, nothing beats the speed and reliability of hard wired cables.

As "Voice over IP" telephones (VoIP), Smart TV's, online gaming and TV on demand services are becoming more and more popular, wireless networks are not always up to the job. The way around this is to connect your devices to your router via a CAT6 network cable.

Say goodbye to pixilation and the dreaded "buffering" message appearing every few minutes, with a hard wired connection to your broadband router.

Call us anytime to discuss in more detail, or to arrange a site visit for a free, no-obligation design consultation and quotation.
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Adur & Worthing Business Awards 2023 Finalist

HETAS Trained Installer Log Burning Stoves

Part P Registered Electrician

LCL Awards Certification for Unvented Hot Water Systems

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Office: 01903 658 999 | Mobile: 07957 956 999

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